Mission possible! Plant one million coconut trees in Phillippines.

Coconut is one of the most important crops in the Philippines with the country being the second largest coconut producer in the world. After Typhoon Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda) struck the country in November 2013, an estimated 44 million trees were damaged or destroyed, affecting around 1 million coconut farmers. 

Will Lauder, the founder of Kapuluan Coconut was about to go on his surf vacation to Phillippines when he heard the news about devastation left behind from the storm. Lauder adjusted his itinerary and traveled to the Philippines to offer relief by delivering clean water to affected communities. It was this first-hand experience that led Lauder to create Kapuluan Coconut as an initiative to restore the mass desolation of coconut palms on the island through a “One for One” program. 

The One-For-One tree planting initiative see the company plant a coconut palm in The Philippines each time the Kapuluan coconut oil is purchased. This ensures they are helping rural communities and coconut farmers get back on their feet, while contributing to the long term success and wellness of the Philippines. Planting new coconut palms is helping Filipino Coconut farmers rebound from the destruction of typhoon Hiayan, while improving crops and oil quality. Planting new coconut palm trees is also an important and effective way to reduce Carbon and Global warming. Extensive coconut lands of about 3.2 M hectares make The Philippines’ one of the tropical countries that have a high potential to mitigate global warming, specifically carbon emissions.

For the sake of spreading the awareness Kapuluan team together with Danny Cooke have created an awards winning short documentary - "Kinabuhi". It's a story about Filipino Coconut Farmers struggling to survive a Way-of-Life exploited by industrial agriculture and crippled by disasters like Typhoon Haiyan. You can watch it here :

Kinabuhi from Kapuluan Coconut on Vimeo.

The coconut oil can replace almost everything in your kit; moisturizer, shaving oil, hair conditioner, sunscreen, lip balm, bug repellent; You can eat it and cook with it ! Being a Kapuluan customer means contributing to positive change for our planet. So ...


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