Best destinations for summer 2018 to satisfy every wanderlust soul

Summer is the perfect time to travel. Everyone is taking vacation and the weather is just to good to be stuck inside. But … you don’t want to pick the obvious summer spot, full of tourists, overpriced hotels and never ending lines to most of the attractions, do you ? So … where should you go ? No worries ! We got you covered ! Here is our list of the best destinations for summer 2018 to satisfy your curiosity and desire for wandering.


photography: Jed Wells

"The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is just about perfect in June. The trail will be blissfully dry and days gloriously warm. Yet in June, you still won’t encounter the big tourist crowds. If you do have the choice, this is the perfect month for Peru, in general. On a whirlwind trip to the most visited country in South America, you can include a boat ride to the Ballestas Islands, hike the mighty Cordillera Blanca and enjoy an incredible adventure in Peru’s southern Amazon, where river levels dip dramatically and you’ll enjoy a much more comprehensive jungle experience". -Chimu blog


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The best wildlife viewing months in Kenya are during the Dry season from late June to October. The wildebeest migration usually reaches the Masai Mara in July and remains until October when they move back to the Serengeti in Tanzania.


photography: Steve McCurry

For the beach destination in Asia you should consider Sri Lanka. It’s beautiful , affordable and packed with adventure possibilities. The weather varies from coast to coast. The Southwest could be getting soaked but the Northeast could be perfect to visit and most of all far off the beaten path. The Northeast of Sri Lanka is still an unexplored region as only until recently it used to be a homeland of tamil tigers (a separatist group that fought for independence from the central government). The situation is stable now and the region is 100% safe to travel but the crowds has not returned yet. It's full of empty beaches and idyllic surf spots. If the beach or surf is not really your thing there is no shortage of reasons to visit Sri Lanka. From the iconic Sigiriya citadel rock, through picturesque tea plantations, ancient buddhist temples, breathtaking train ride through the central region to thousands of elephants roaming the island.


borneo orangutanphotography: Coco

Southeast Asian island divided between Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia full of incredible landscapes, wildlife, exotic flora and indigenous communities. The dry season runs from April to September and its the best time not only for viewing orangutans and probosis monkeys but also wild turtles hatching their young on secluded jungle beaches on Lankayan Island.


photography: Hamid Sardar-Afkhami

Mongolia is an adventure destination where travellers can experience nomadic culture, spectacular countryside, vast steppes, rugged mountains, clear lakes, abundant wildlife and vast, untouched landscapes. Some areas in Mongolia are so remote you could drive a full day and see almost no signs of human habitation. The best time to visit is July, during the Naadam festival where Mongolians compete in the manly arts of horsemanship , archery and wrestling.


argentina tango
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Although the North Hemisphere's summertime may not be the best time to visit Argentina, you should definitely give it a try ! Head to Buenos Aires in August for the annual International Tango festival.  Every year thousands of dancers and fans of tango music converge on Buenos Aires, the birthplace of tango, for a two-week extravaganza of free concerts, classes, milongas, and other events.Hear exciting new orchestras and established artists, pick up some steps in the classes and see some of the world's most talented dancers in action - all for free at the world's biggest tango festival right in tango's birthplace and home.

2018 edition: August 9 - 22


Papua New gunea Jimmy Nelsonphotography: Jimmy Nelson

Also in August you can head to the hills of Papua New Guinea where dozens of formerly warlike tribes gather for the Mount Hagen - country’s largest cultural show, an amazing conglomeration of colour, beauty and culture. Papua is a place of very well preserved traditions and not very developed tourist infrastructure. Chances are that those tribes you want to hang out with have had very little contact with foreigners. So if you go make sure you have a local guide to show you around and protect you from unnecessary attention.

What is yours dream destinations for the upcoming summer ? Let us know in the comment section below !



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